Post on 10 November 2021

The OECD Scoreboard on Post-COVID-19 Economic Recovery

As countries begin to emerge from the cloud of the COVID-19 pandemic, policy makers and citizens need to monitor the quality of the economic recovery in their respective countries.


Consequently, OECD has created a post-COVID-19 Recovery Dashboard, designed to measure the economic recovery across the globe; is the post-COVID-19 economic recovery in your country strong, inclusive, green or resilient?


The OECD dashboard can be filtered for each country, and features 20 indicators, which aid to gauge the type of economic recovery in which countries are thriving and the type in which they are slacking.


Parameters include greenhouse gas emissions, debt, business creation, outdoor air pollution, wage inequality as well as many others.


The dashboard features up-to-date and trusted OECD statistics, of which the accuracy is constantly improving as new sources become available.


Check hereto evaluate the economic recovery in your country.