The first shipment, as 
 part of the partnership 
 between Brittany Ferries 
 and CMA CGM, takes place


19 January 2022

The first shipment, as part of the partnership between Brittany Ferries and CMA CGM, takes place

Image : CMA CGM (Photo Sébastien Taldu)


In September 2021, CMA CGM and Brittanny Ferries announced a €25 million partnership. This is life-saving news for Brittanny Ferries, who have been in great difficulty due to COVID, and a real business opportunity for CMA CGM, who are expanding their distribution network in the UK.

The first shipment of CMA CGM cargo to England took place on 12th January 2022, symbolizing a real cooperation between two French shipping [...]

19 January 2022

UK publishes new “climate and environmental ambitions” for the subsidy system replacing the CAP

The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) is Europe’s largest single form of expenditure, with a budget of 336 million for the period 2021-2027.

However, leaving Europe also means no longer receiving financial aid, which marks the end of the CAP for the United Kingdom. This is causing concern among British parliamentarians and farmers, who are facing the biggest upheaval in their sector in fifty years…

On January 6, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs [...]

18 January 2022

British Lords are not convinced by Bank of England’s efforts to digitalise the Pound

A panel of Lords from the UK government have criticised the Bank of England’s new project to launch a UK central bank digital currency, stating that they saw no convincing case for the digitalisation of the Pound.

BOE officials led by Deputy Governor Jon Cunliffe have become vocal about the need for CBDC. They state that the sharp decrease in the use of cash is leaving money increasingly controlled by private companies that don’t have the explicit government guarantee carried [...]




JIMMY ZOU, Associate,


Whilst there is a large amount of uncertainty regarding the future of economic relations between France and the United Kingdom at the moment, we are not only happy, but also proud to work alongside the Franco-British Chamber on building an impressive vision of what this “special relationship” between companies of our two nations should be. That be the case with or without, before or after, Brexit.


Thierry Drilhon


Both Brexit and COVID-19 have raised unprecedented issues for the entire business community. . Let’s make sure that this particular period leads to a strengthening of the development of economic activities on both sides of the Channel. In this respect, the creation of the Cross-Channel Institute, in partnership with PwC and the British Embassy, is a great opportunity to reinvent our economic & trade relations with the United Kingdom for the coming decades.


Paul Taylor, Deputy Director

Britsh Embassy In France

We at British Embassy are very pleased with this Franco-British Think Tank initiative to which we are delighted to contribute and thus help strengthen the deep and historic relationship between our two countries.


Françoise Rausch

Chairwoman of the Cross-Channel Institute

The Cross-Channel Institute works to promote Franco-British economic relations and to ensure that they are well understood. We believe that information is key: whether it comes from the figures, analysed in our barometers and studies, or from the testimonies of our experts and speakers, shared in the various events we organise


British Ambassador to France

“The Franco-British friendship continues to grow stronger. Our two countries are entering a new chapter in our bilateral relationship and trade between the UK and France has steadily increased over the last two years. The work of the Cross-Channel Institute is a shining example of the continuing commitment of governments and businesses on both sides of the Channel to our strong and historic relationship. Together we are helping businesses new to the UK and French markets and now, through our cooperation in the Cross-Channel Institute, we will produce expert analysis and innovative solutions to further propel our bilateral trade relationship.”