Post on 25 January 2023

Reduced energy bills for millions of vulnerable people

It is warning companies that it will take legal action if they do not take proper care of vulnerable customers, who may not be able to keep warm if they cannot afford to top up their meters. On Sunday, the government also said suppliers should stop forcing households to use pre-payment meters. Social tariffs In a speech later at the Institute for Government, Mr Brearley will say that cheaper social tariffs for vulnerable households should be seen as a long-term option to tackle unaffordable bills. “We are calling for a serious evaluation of a social tariff,” Brearley will say. “If it can be made to work, it could address the root cause of this problem and the distress that many customers are facing this winter.” In theory, the cost of such a reduction would either be paid for by suppliers – by increasing everyone else’s bills – or by the government through taxation.

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Source: BBC