Post on 25 November 2022

Recruitment difficulties are becoming the number one nightmare for companies

While a minority anticipate a deterioration in their economic situation by the end of the year, manufacturers are pessimistic for 2023.

France seems to have lost one of its great assets with companies. In the annual Syntec Conseil barometer of French competitiveness, the availability and qualification of the workforce now appears to be the main obstacle to competitiveness for 37% of companies, including in industry. This irritant is ahead of labour costs and the French tax system for employers.

84% of the managers surveyed also consider that recruitment difficulties are a major risk for their company. This is the third area of concern after energy costs and raw material costs. But it is the primary concern in the services. Internally, the retention of talent within the company is in the same vein the first endogenous challenge mentioned by managers.

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Source : Les Echos.