Post on 15 September 2023

New Business Council Ushers In Partnership Era 

The new body, comprising some of the most prominent British businesses, has been brought together to work in partnership with politicians to drive the future of the economy at this crucial time.

The Business Council will focus on five key challenges and will develop policy proposals that will help transform the future of the UK economy. Its initial recommendations will feed into a Business Manifesto in the new year that will aim to influence political party manifestos ahead of the General Election.

The Council will then work to develop follow-up papers – to help the next Government set a business-backed agenda from day one and establish a long-term strategy for growth.

Business Council members will focus on at least one of the challenges. The challenge themes will all be chaired by five experienced business leaders, working with commissions of businesses, experts, Chamber representatives and academics.

They will begin meeting in the coming weeks and will produce their first policy recommendations in early 2024.

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Source: BCC.