Post on 07 November 2021

COP26 Week 1 – Highlights

Here you can find the highlights from the first week at COP26. From this we can see lots of positive progress in a number of areas including finance, land use and coal power.

World leaders were welcomed to Glasgow for the World Leaders Summit in order to discuss the urgent action needed to not only monitor the heating of the planet (keeping it within 1.5 degrees of heating) but to also protect people and nature from the impacts of climate change.

Today marked the launch of the :
• World Leaders Breakthrough Agenda
• Multilateral Development Banks Joint Statement
• Glasgow Leaders’ Forests & Land use Declaration.

Outcomes of Wednesday included :
• Mission Innovation – Breakthrough Energy Collaboration Agreement
• $100bn annual climate finance goal 
• $130 trillion of private finance aligned with net zero emissions via the Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero.

Today, a 190-strong coalition agreed to terminate all support for new coal power plants and to begin phasing out coal power altogether.
On top of this, many major international banks committed to stop all international public financing of new unmitigated coal power by the end of 2021.

Friday was Youth and Public Empowerment Day. 
In light of this, more than 23 countries made national climate education pledges. These included net-zero schools and placing climate at the heart of national curriculums. 
In addition to this, the UK contributed £6 million to PROBLUE, a World Bank fund that supports sustainable ocean projects.

Today was dedicated to Nature and Land Use.
45 governments guaranteed urgent action and investment in order to protect nature and to move towards more sustainable ways of farming.
95 high profile companies from all sectors committed to being ‘Nature Positive’, agreeing to work towards reversing the decline of nature by 2030.

For more information or to watch sessions live, please click here.