02 June 2023

BCC responds to new Australia and New Zealand trade deals

“A new era of international trade will begin today as the first trade agreements agreed by the United Kingdom since it left the European Union come into force.

“Combined bilateral trade with Australia and New Zealand amounts to over £15bn per year. Inward foreign direct investment from both countries into the UK is £16.6bn, and in the other direction represents a combined £42.1bn.

“By 2035, the Australia deal could boost our economy by £2.3bn per year, and the New [...]

31 May 2023

Inflation Eases But Cost Pressures Remain

“Today’s CPI rate of 8.7% indicates that after several false starts, the peak in inflation looks to have passed. This is further evidenced by a significant slowdown in the producer price input rate to 3.9%. Falls in gas and electricity costs provided the largest downward contribution to CPI.

“But this does not mean the problems caused by inflation will suddenly go away. Prices continue to rise from an already high base, after 18 months of price [...]

25 May 2023

£39 million for AMR research as UK launches Global Health Framework

Funding includes up to £25 million award to support the early development of new antibiotics, vaccines, rapid diagnostics and other products to combat life-threatening drug-resistant infections UK government launches the new Global Health Framework to build strong health systems across the world and tackle global health threats

Cutting-edge research initiatives to develop new treatments to tackle antimicrobial resistance (AMR) – known as the ‘silent killer’ – will receive [...]

15 May 2023


Réagissant aux derniers chiffres du PIB de l’ONS, David Bharier, responsable de la recherche à la BCC, a déclaré : “La première estimation du PIB pour le premier trimestre 2023 de 0,1% indique que le Royaume-Uni évite la récession :

“La première estimation du PIB pour le premier trimestre 2023, avec une croissance de 0,1 %, indique que le Royaume-Uni évite une récession et montre la résilience des entreprises qui doivent faire face à de sérieux vents [...]

09 May 2023

Reform Needed To UK Labour Market Access

“The BCC welcomes these clear and well-evidenced proposals for reform of access to the UK labour market. We provided evidence to the Committee based on our research among businesses in key economic sectors.

“There are still particularly tough issues faced by firms who cannot attract sufficient UK staff in care, hospitality, manufacturing and logistics.

“We need a fast, efficient and affordable system to access skills from outside the UK when [...]

25 April 2023

Quarterly Recruitment Outlook: No sign of hiring difficulties easing 


80% of businesses surveyed (92% of whom are SMEs) attempting to recruit have faced challenges, with hospitality and manufacturing firms still the most likely to report difficulties


Almost six in ten (59%) businesses are actively trying to recruit staff


BCC calls on Government to work with business on solutions including skills training, investment and urgent reform of the Shortage Occupations List (SOL) 


The latest Quarterly [...]

23 April 2023

UK rental housing less affordable than in 2019, ONS says

“Rent is now less affordable than it was in 2019; however, it has been broadly stable for the last two years,” the ONS said.

The data was based on figures from housing data company Dataloft, which the ONS said it was now publishing as part of its weekly set of experimental economic indicators.

The figures cover about 40% of Britain’s private-sector rental market, and are based on 30,000 new private-sector tenancy agreements signed by 50,000 tenants with annual [...]

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