03 February 2023

Is the IMF right about the UK economy?

The IMF consigned Britain to the economic doghouse on Tuesday.
As the only leading economy likely to contract this year, the UK’s growth forecasts were revised down by the fund at the same time as it boosted those of most other countries. Even Russia is expected to grow more than the UK in 2023, in the fund’s outlook. Britain’s politicians agree that the country has a problem. Jeremy Hunt, the chancellor, has blamed “uneven and lower growth” on poor productivity, skills gaps, [...]

01 February 2023

Eurotunnel ready to welcome many more trains under the Channel

As it approaches three decades of existence, Eurostar’s monopoly on passenger trains through the Channel Tunnel may soon be over. Eurotunnel, the main component of the privately-owned Getlink group, has just made a major investment in its 50-kilometre infrastructure, in cooperation with General Electric, to boost and smooth out its electrical power. The idea is to get more trains through per hour, even at peak times.

The message will be received loud and clear by some European [...]

30 January 2023

The Chancellor’s economic vision is missing two key ‘E’s

“The Chancellor is right to be optimistic about the future of British businesses who are desperate to grow and prosper. But beyond promises to introduce investment zones and use Solvency II reform to unlock capital, there was very little meat on the bones of the Chancellor’s vision.He notably failed to mention two Es when detailing his priority on “enterprise, education, jobs and everywhere”. If we don’t address energy and exports, our economic growth will [...]

26 January 2023

Trade Secretary: His top five priorities for trade

Welcome to Lancaster House. What a spectacular setting.

The kind of setting that makes me realise how lucky I am to be doing the job I do. Lancaster House has been the venue for G7 meetings, the backdrop for royal TV adaptations and the venue for many great political speeches. The best of the UK. So it’s fitting that among our audience tonight we have Fever-Tree, now the world’s number one premium blender. Julianne Ponan, CEO of Creative Nature, and Jack Churchill, [...]

25 January 2023

Reduced energy bills for millions of vulnerable people

It is warning companies that it will take legal action if they do not take proper care of vulnerable customers, who may not be able to keep warm if they cannot afford to top up their meters. On Sunday, the government also said suppliers should stop forcing households to use pre-payment meters. Social tariffs In a speech later at the Institute for Government, Mr Brearley will say that cheaper social tariffs for vulnerable households should be seen as a long-term option to tackle unaffordable [...]

23 January 2023

Hydrogen, industry: Macron and Scholz revive the Franco-German relationship

The grand declarations of ‘indestructible friendship’, the national anthems and the speeches were necessary after the rifts between France and Germany came to light last autumn. On Sunday in Paris, Emmanuel Macron and Olaf Scholz showcased the cooperation between the two leading powers of the European Union on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Elysée Treaty, signed by Charles de Gaulle and Konrad Adenauer.


18 January 2023

Energy transition analysis

On the occasion of the publication of our sector analysis on the energy transition, the Cross-Channel Institute is pleased to invite you to our conference. Composed of energy experts and various professionals, we will discuss the challenges, impacts and prospects of such a transition for companies. click here to register


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